Dettaglio della facciata del Palazzo Comunale con la targa commemorativa / Memorial plate on city hall facade

The Arma dei Carabinieri  (Royal Carabinieri Armed Service) was established by Royal Decree from King Victor Emanuel I of Sardinia-Piedmont in Turin on July 13, 1814 after ending of Napoleon occupation.

The name Carabinieri recall the carbine rifles they used as main weapon and they were classified as military light infantry and cavalry corps, with highest standard and public order duties.

Born in Trisobbio the 6th of July 1781, Giovanni Boccaccio answered the call for volonteers thar, leaving the former army corps, will be the core unit of Carabinieri. His workplace was Limone Piemonte, a town in Cuneo Province.

On 22nd April 1815, was sent with other two colleagues to Vernante, pursuing some jailbreakers from Cuneo.
The were lead by Rosso Stefano, named “Il Sardo” condemned for murders.

Pursued, the outlaws opened fire and fled again, after killing our Giovanni Boccaccio, that became the first killed on duty of Carabinieri’s Corp, after only 285 day from foundation

On 4th October 2003, with military and civilian autorities, the square was named to Giovanni Boccaccio memory.

Dettaglio della Targa / Memorial Plate detail